Epoxy Platform Helps YouTubers Streamline Their Online Content

Epoxy is a platform which lets online video producers manage their content and interact with their audience across multiple media platforms. About: Grow fans by going  beyond YouTube. Your audience is on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook…every day. Be where they discover new videos and follow the creators they love. Your fans are waiting for you.… Continue reading

Use Your Words: Teaching Your Child to Communicate

Especially in the very early years, it can be difficult for your child to communicate how he (or she) is feeling. Instead of being able to use words to properly express themselves, children often do a lot of pointing and grunting. And if that doesn’t work, they proceed to throw tantrums. Tantrums might include hitting,… Continue reading

Fat: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Not all fat is equal. There are some fats that are essential to healthy living, and some that are harmful. Telling the difference is often difficult. This article will help distinguish between good and bad fats. Fat itself is a nutrient. It is vital to your body’s functions. Fat helps your body absorb many needed… Continue reading

Facts About Hypothermia

Your body’s core temperature refers to the temperature of the body. Temperature can vary depending on the method in which the temperature is taking. Body temperature is typically measured orally (by mouth), rectally, axillary (under the arm), tympanic (by ear), and nowadays even by rolling a sensor over the temporal artery. Taking one’s temperature orally… Continue reading

Romance for Lovebirds

Walt Disney World Resort Offers Romance for Lovebirds on Valentine’s Day and Every Day. About: Celebrate love with your significant other on Valentine’s Day and every day at the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World Resort.  Throughout the 40-square-mile playground there’s simple and luxurious splurges for couples of all ages — from moonlit… Continue reading

External Allergies That Can Affect a Baby

External allergies are substances that cause an allergic reaction on the skin or in the respiratory tract. These substances are not generally harmful in and of themselves, but in sensitive individuals, things like dust or pet dander can send them into an allergic state. Babies, with their sensitive skin and developing immune systems, can also… Continue reading