Exercise the Body and the Mind!

New line of fun, physical board games gets kids to put down the electronics and get up and get moving! Fun for the whole family, Upside Down Games are the perfect combination of traditional game play and physical movement – perfect for wiggly kids!


Spin the spinner, collect the cards, and perform yoga poses – without falling down laughing! The first player to collect a card of each color wins this perfectly portable, totally physical, great-for-family-game-night game.

The perfect combination of physical movement and traditional game play, Yoga Spinner is the perfect addition to family game night, fun for the whole family, from wiggly little ones to Grandma and Grandpa. And it’s not just fun! Playing increases physical strength, coordination, and balance, too! Rated for children with special needs by AblePlay™ and included on the Today Show’s top toy picks for 2013, Yoga Spinner has also won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Toy Award, Parent’s Choice Silver Award, Dr. Toy’s Best Picks, and Creative Child’s Preferred Choice Award.

Eggo Presents the New Breakfast Sandwich That’s Too Delicious to Share

Eggo Breakfast Sandwiches are an irresistible wake-up call with all-family appeal.


It can be hard for both kids and grownups to get out of bed and start their day with a delicious breakfast option that has a good source of protein*. To help make mornings yummier – and easier – for everyone in the family, Eggo® is introducing the new Eggo™ Breakfast Sandwiches. The new breakfast sandwiches are an irresistible wake-up call, with real eggs, melty cheese and savory sausage or bacon all stacked between slices of soft waffle-style bread baked with a touch of maple flavor.

“Moms are always on the hunt for delicious, warm breakfast options that everyone in the family will love,” said AnneMarie Suarez-Davis, vice president of marketing and innovation for Kellogg’s® Frozen Foods. “NewEggo Breakfast Sandwiches give parents a tasty choice to help start their family’s mornings.”

Time is of the essence in the morning, and the new Eggo Breakfast Sandwiches and can go from freezer to plate in minutes. Eggo Breakfast Sandwiches come in three delectable varieties: Sausage, Egg & Cheese; Bacon, Egg & Cheese; and Egg & Cheese. Eggo Breakfast Sandwiches are available nationwide in the frozen breakfast sandwich section of the freezer aisle for a suggested retail price of $5.99.

For more information on the new breakfast sandwiches and all Eggo products and recipes, visit www.leggomyeggo.com.